Aye, yo.  Some updates have been made to the links.  Lloyd's got a Facebook now so a link was added.  Also, the Snyder Shortz has a YouTube page of it's own with a new movie out.  It's no Snuggly but check it out!


Hello. Its Wes and there are 3 things on my mind that i'd like to share:
1. Outkast is the shit.
2. Twilight is such a stupid movie.
3. Stay tuned because we are going to start filming very soon.

so yeah. awesome. take it easy.


It's us as characters from South Park.  Neato.


The Resurrection has happened and with a new look on movies, comes a new website. Our first movie since the return, The Snuggly, has already gained 1000+ views in only a few weeks.